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août 2008



About the french Web Site
of Heredis User Group


This Website has been designed by French-speaking users of the genealogy software HEREDIS ™. The aim of this page in English is to introduce and summarize what this website covers.
If you are English-speaking users of HEREDIS ™, do not hesitate to contact Renaud Anzieu

We have neither interests nor stocks in BSD-Concept, the designer of HEREDIS ™ and we do not want to replace the BSD-Concept helpdesk. Our main objective is to help improve the software and support all HEREDIS ™ users.


Support HEREDIS ™ users with

FAQ - Bugs : Any software-related issue is listed here with a short description. This allows a HEREDIS ™ user to know if the problem he faces has been met before. If existing, a mitigation or fallback procedure is proposed.

FAQ - Tips & Tricks : All user-sourced tips, tricks, shortcuts are listed here.

FAQ - Improvements: This is a list of all improvement ideas generated by HEREDIS ™ users rated High/Medium/Low

Mail-list/Discussion group : All HEREDIS ™ users (experts or new comers) can share experience, ask questions, raise issues, etc.

Web-site : This is the preferred support/medium to summarise & publish news/information from HEREDIS ™ users and other genealogy related mail-lists.

HEREDIS ™ users newsletter : Monthly bulletin board providing updates on mail-lists and web-site news.

Help improving HEREDIS ™ software: Thru our Web-site, using the high-value information from HEREDIS ™ users regarding Bugs, Tips & Tricks, Improvements Thru mail-lists, helping HEREDIS ™ users


HEREDIS ™ - Users point-of-view

HEREDIS ™ is a comprehensive genealogy software which covers most of the needs,
Our interest is in supporting software improvements to make it more reliable meeting our goal to capture, store and publish our genealogy data.
Again, we have no linkage/agreement with the HEREDIS ™ designer.
A well-organised user group will always be more powerful to influence the designer/publishing company to improve HEREDIS ™.



June 1998 : HEREDIS ™ focused mail-list created to decongest "fr.rec.genealogie".
June 1999 : first FAQ-Bugs issued.
June 2000 : Heredis 2000, 300 members of HEREDIS ™ users mail-list, FAQ-Improvements created.
June 2001 : Heredis 2001, 650 members of the mail-list, HEREDIS ™ users web site & and newsletter created.
Oct. 2001 : Patch for Heredis 2001, 800 members of the mail-list.
Dec. 2002 : Heredis 7, 1000 members of the mail-list (PC & Mac).
Feb 2004 : Heredis 8, 1100 members of the mail-list (only for the PC users).


Web-site summary:

Who's who : This chapter gives some web-site background, main contributors, our goals and objectives.
Mail-list : Detailed guidelines how to use the mail-list – subscription, un-subscription, send message, etc.
FAQ : 10(so far) FAQs available for download.
Tips : Best practices regarding specific & frequent questions/concerns are proposed here (vs in FAQs above). Typical subjects are: save/back-up, tree, group/shared activity, etc
Links : Links with major French-speaking genealogy-related web sites


Page prepared by Renaud Anzieu & Alix Deschamps

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